To Plot a Novel

This past week was supposed to be our moving week. We had been waiting with excitement to begin our new phase of life pastoring a small church, but COVID-19 came and with it all of the lock-downs, causing our move to be delayed. Disappointing? Very much so, but thank God, He knows what we need and does not just give us what we want. God has taught us much in the past few weeks as we’ve clung to Him throughout this storm.

So after we dealt with our disappointment, M. decided to use the week we had intended to use for moving to instead focus on writing our next book. We had a bunch of pieces for the plot of Jyrya, but they scattered all over the place without any real cohesion. It was kind of like having a puzzle dumped out on the table with no picture to show you what you are making. It was going to take some dedicated time to figure it out.

So we decided to focus on the book for the entire week and see where God would take it. Every day we wrote for at least 4 hours and then plotted and planned for another 2 or more. It was exciting to watch the concepts of the story truly start to take shape. As the picture for the puzzle came into view, we sat back and marveled at the amazing God we serve.

This whole experience brings a verse to mind that many will be familiar with: Isaiah 40:31. An interesting word in this passage is the word “wait”. There are actually nine different Hebrew words that are translated “wait” in our English Bibles. In this particular passage, the specific word used means “to bind oneself to something”. I think it wraps up what we’ve been experiencing these past few weeks.

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