This past week marked a milestone in our lives. We celebrated 20 years of marriage and marveled at how God has brought us this far through things we never could have imagined back when we said our vows. It hasn’t all been easy or smooth, but even still, we find ourselves more in love and having more fun together than all those years ago. We look forward to as many years together as God allows and hopefully we’ll have many more books in our future as well.

One of the fun things about writing this series is reminding ourselves what it was like back when our marriage was new. Beginnings should always be full of excitement and mystery. The wondering of where you are going and how God will get you there. Book beginnings should be the same way. We recently changed our opening for that reason. We reread it and realized there was no excitement in it. So we reworked it and infused the whole chapter with more energy. Below are the opening lines. There’s nothing like starting out with a bit of mystery.

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