Long Time, No Post

I just realized how long it’s been since I’ve posted an update! Wow, time flies when you are focusing on something, and focused we have been. Well, as much as work, children, and the myriad of other responsibilities will allow. So as you know, we are completing our fifth book. Looking at what needs to still happen, we are estimating that we will have a finished book by March of next year. It could be sooner if things go faster than we anticipate, but we still have to complete the last draft and then there will be a round of editing before we can send off for our cover design. Then we’ll be doing at least one more round of editing while we await our cover.

This weekend, though, we have an opportunity to partner with another local author, T. R. Hall, to sell books at Hernando Church of the Nazarene’s fall craft fair. We’ve gotten to know T. R. through our writer’s group. Check out his work here. Or better yet, come out and see us at the Fall Extravaganza!

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