Character List

Returning Characters from Elvensty

Khomar SwordflowerHalf-Auxule, half-Jyrye warrior who is impervious to empathic attacks and trained at the school of Elvensty
Aya SwordflowerJyrye woman who is an empath, grew up in Jyantral, and gifted to Khomar as his wife
Kintrye NalykianJyrye cousin of Khomar whose father runs Elvensty. He is the heir to Tyrinian of the Terawk Tribe, a Lord of Jyrya.
PaloFleggish tracker from Virados who helped Khomar and Aya in their flight from the Tynesprys
LuNilasnye (Dormankye assassin) who made an oath to Aya’s God to protect her with his life

New Characters for Auxland

Ahron BearsclawAuxule friend of Khomar and son of the General of Auxland
Thorixal BearsclawTop General of Auxland
Emara BearsclawWife of Thorixal
Khauxlan SwordflowerKhomar’s Auxule father; Healer and Ghordmon of Ghaudron, the capital of Auxland
Tillya SwordflowerKhomar’s Jyrye mother and a weak empath
Khol SwordflowerKhomar’s younger brother; a Healer and next Ghordmon of Ghaudron
Dhramvor SilverleafCaptain from the Machlin area and friend of Khomar
Bhaudral OakbranchCommander of Auxland and instrumental in Khomar’s training in the great-sword
Lanye NytalAya’s father and the King of Jyrya’s personal Investigative Empath