Glossary of Terms

The Races

JyryeDark-haired, olive skinned people from the southern land of Jyrya. Their average height is 5’ 9”. Married women wear weddings bands on their right arms. The men’s last name is the father’s first name. The women’s names are their father or husbands full name followed by her first name.
AuxuleCaramel skinned, red haired people from the northern lands of Auxland and Lanmach. Their average height is 6’7”. The family crest is worn on their upper right ear. Married men wear a wedding ear stud on the their right ear while married women wear a stud or earring in both ear lobes. The last name for both men and women is the name of their family or clan.
FleggDiminutive people originally from Fleggland marked by their blue fingers, lips, eyelids, and ears along with broad blue streaks in their fair hair. Their average height is 4’8”. Piercings are generally added for each momentous event in a Fleggs life, especially for those in Fleggland.
Dormankye / DormanchiFair skinned, brown haired people from the land of Dormank. Their average height in 5’8”. Little is known of their customs.
TerriteReclusive people who brought the Book of the Way from another world.

The Gifts

EmpathFound among the Jyrye, an empath is able to read surface emotions and thoughts. Their power in the gift determines the clarity of their perception. Weaker empaths are only able to sense basic emotions.
HealerFound among the Auxule, a Healer is able to infuse energy into an injured or weakened person to enhance the body’s natural healing. The gift also gives them the ability to discern the physical state of the body.
SpeakerFound among the Flegg, a Speaker is able to speak and understand the language of an individual, regardless of their origin.

Other Titles and Terms

ArlyeSmaller red sun. Orbits the larger sun.
TranyaLarger yellow sun.
GhordmonHealers of Auxland who serve as judges and leaders. Each major city of Auxland has a single Ghordmon.
TynesprysJyrye empaths who have rebelled against the laws of Jyrya and are seeking the establishment of their own kingdom. Currently in an alliance with the Dormankye.
LasnathThe warrior class of the Dormankye.
NilasnyeDormankye assassin, a special class of Lasnath.