Special Days and Holidays

Days of the Week

LumsdayFirst day of the week
SkydaySecond day of the week
LansdayThird day of the week
HensdayFourth day of the week
FinsdayFifth day of the week
MansdaySixth day of the week
ElsdaySeventh day of the week


The CrossingThe time when Arlye (the smaller sun) crosses in front of Tranya (the larger sun), blocking some of its light and heat. Ushers in winter.
AventyeBegins the first Lumsday after the Crossing and continues every Lumsday for four weeks. The days of Aventye are Hope, Preparation, Faith, and Love.
The HidingThe time when Arlye (the smaller sun) passes behind Tranya (the larger sun). Another period of cold especially in the northern regions, though not as cold as the Crossing.
PasyaltydeThe four week holiday that begins the first week of the Hiding. It celebrates the Triumphal Entry, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Yesu.