About the Authors

M. B. Aznoe is a husband and wife writing team who make their home in eastern Montana. Both of them have had a deep love of books from a young age, each having developed their own fantasy worlds years before they met. The world of the Swordflower Saga is the result of their combined creativity and the culmination of 15 years of dialog and daydreaming.

M. works by day in the IT department of the local school and leads a small congregation in eastern Montana.  He holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science from Montana State University and is pursuing a MA in pastoral ministry. He has composed over 20 songs and plays both piano and guitar.  Many of his songs can be found at morethani.org.

B. holds a one year certificate in Biblical Studies from Montana Bible College and has completed “Writing for Children and Teens” and “Book Writing for Children” from the Institute of Children’s Literature. She keeps busy homeschooling their six children (five of which are boys). She plays several instruments (including the bass, clarinet, and the Turkish Oud) and loves to cook.