Elvensty Book Cover

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Khomar’s innate ability to block all empathic attacks had cracked open the doors to the Elvensty Academy, despite his being half Auxule. But it was his secret gift, one he could barely control, that would send him into the Wylds of Dalmain with Aya, a Jyrye girl he barely knew.

With the Crossing of the two suns about to unleash the bitter winds of winter, Khomar is charged with leading Aya to safety while being pursued by rogue empaths. As questions surrounding Aya are answered, they will find their faith in God pushed to the limit as their lives are irrevocably changed.

Auxland Book Cover

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Khomar and Aya have been told that Aya’s father is trapped within the hidden city of Ichtus, surrounded by an army of the dreaded Dormankye. Needing not only an army but also a guide, they seek the help of Khomar’s father, the chief Ghordmon of Auxland.

But Khomar knows that the peace-loving Auxlanders have grown comfortable in their mountains. Will family rivalries, long-kept prejudices, and deeply seated distrust undo all of their plans?

And there is a more sinister darkness that has crept into Khomar’s beloved homeland. As conspiracies and secrets are brought to light, where will Khomar and Aya turn when all of their gifts and abilities are simply not enough?

Dalmain Book Cover

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The city of Virados lies in the cross hairs, and the fate of the Dalminian people hangs in the balance. Khomar alone is in a position to thwart the enemy invasion, but his forces are greatly outnumbered. As Aya travels south toward the Terawk Mountains to seek the aid of the legendary Tyrinian Kyan, Khomar heads east in a desperate attempt to somehow slow the Dormankye advance.

New dangers and dark surprises await them at every turn, and they are faced with choices neither of them are prepared to make. Will their faith be enough to sustain them beneath the crushing weight of sacrifice?

Jyrya Book Cover

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As the storm clouds of war loom over the land, Khomar and Aya gather their forces in Dalmain. When a letter from Kintrye arrives calling upon their blood bonds, they are forced to set out for Jyantral, the capital of Jyrya. But the road is long and filled with peril. Betrayed and beset, they begin to understand the deviousness of their enemy.

Meanwhile, Kintrye seeks to unmask a Tynesprys cell in Jyantral. All but abandoned by his fellow empaths, he reaches out to the only people he can trust. But before he can unravel the mystery, his world is turned upside down.

As loyalties are tested and hopes grow dim, will their faith be strong enough to stand against the vortex of evil that threatens to sweep them all away?