Pronunciation Rules

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  • All vowels are long except when followed by a double consonant.
  • All r’s are rolled.
  • Male names tend to end in long “o” while female names end in long “a”


  • Palo – PAY loh
  • Marrea – mah REE aye


  • y holds the long I sound except when followed by a vowel.
  • Ya= yuh
  • Ye=yee
  • Yo=yoo
  • Jy=yi
  • I is always short sound.


  • Kintrye – KIN tryee
  • Aya – AH yuh
  • Jyrye – yi RYEE
  • Tynesprys – tie NEHS price


  • h always follows a hard consonant and gives a slight breath after it. Always found in the accented syllable.
  • ch is never at the beginning of a word and brings the guttural k sound
  • x is the guttural k followed by soft s almost z sound
  • u consonant e bring an oo sound
  • au = ah


  • Khomar – KOH mar
  • Auxule – AHK sool