The What-ifs Behind the Story

The concept of the world behind Elvensty began as a series of what-if’s that came to my (B’s) mind when I was a teenager.  I had read a book set in the time of Noah.  Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of it nor who wrote it.  However, I do remember its concept was that the people of Noah’s time may have been more advanced than we are today.  The people in Genesis lived longer than we do today but were still just as smart and capable, if not more so, due to their longevity.  How many times do we hear of a brilliant person dying young today and wonder what they could have accomplished if they had been granted more years?

So the thought came to me: what if sometime, either pre-flood or even around the tower of Babel, people actually made it into outer space?  I remembered in the Biblical account of the tower of Babel, the people were trying to reach the heavens.  So I began to think, what if our understanding of Babel is wrong?  What if it was actually something that enabled space flight (to reach the heavens)?  What if a group of people made it to a distant planet before God confused the languages?

These people would have lost contact with Earth when the peoples here were scattered.  They would have developed cultures and traditions in isolation from those here on Earth.  They would probably be behind Earth technologically because of the relative scarcity of people on that distant planet.  They would be starting virtually from scratch with only the knowledge they brought with them.

God desires that all men be saved.  So if this had happened, would not God want them to be saved as well?  What if He allowed spaceflight once again just so we could reach out to those people on that distant planet to tell them of the salvation to be found in Jesus? What if, upon arriving on the new planet, those missionaries found themselves cut off from earth and forced to live among the peoples there?  How would the Gospel translate into that new world with its own calendar, traditions, and history?

These questions form the back drop to the world of Elvensty.


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