And our Wandering continues

It has been a difficult month. In addition to all of the normal school wrap up, the house we were renting was sold, so that meant yet another house search with yet another move. Fortunately, we serve a God who always provides what we need, when we need it. And once again, God demonstrated his faithfulness.

Our new house fell into place just when we needed it. We are technically moved in. I say technically because we still have a garage full of boxes. M. made the mistake of asking me the other day where something of his was and I, being the kind-hearted wife that I am, replied, “It’s in the garage.”

So now with most of our essentials unpacked, we are trying to get back into the habit of writing once again. When we took our moving hiatus from writing, we were over 330 pages into Auxland but had decided to go back and rewrite quite a few scenes. So we are in what we call our 2nd Draft. Here’s a quick snippet from scene 1:

The Ghor Mountains loomed to their right. Their white peaks glistened in the afternoon suns, but dark clouds loomed ahead promising yet another winter storm before the night ended. Khomar had assured Aya it was beautiful up here in the highlands in the summer when the verdant meadows were dotted with lilac and cerulean wildflowers and the mountain streams were loud and full. All she had seen so far was frozen and cold. And white, endless white. She wanted nothing more than to feel her feet sinking into the warm sand of the beaches back home.

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