Auxland is coming!

Well, we have now finished the second round of edits for the next book in the series: Auxland.  It continues to amaze me how God graciously gives the ideas and brings them to fruition in ways we never expected.  In answer to a common question: Yes, we do have an overarching plot throughout the entire series, but no, we do not have the minute details worked out.  As we write, we constantly have to ask ourselves what the ramifications to the rest of the books in the series will be.  It’s a constant struggle as we work through each book not to write ourselves into a corner.  However, once we finished this draft, we looked at each other and said, “I think that’s it.”  There will still be polishing and tweaking to the book, of course, but the main plot is done.  It is a great feeling to reach that point in any book and even more so since it looks as though we will meet the deadline we set for December of this year. (We have gone through doubts as we struggled through the first drafts.)  Now we will be concentrating on doing a few miscellaneous things while we have a few friends read through Auxland and give feed back on it.

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