The Goodness of God

Today I (B.) was reading in the Psalms and came across a verse that leaped off the page. “Announce every day how He delivers!” ~ Psalm 96:2b. This both convicted me and made my heart rejoice. The last few weeks have been hard with hospital visits, hacking attempts, allergic reactions, and the weight of responsibility when one’s spouse is ill.

And yet God has delivered beyond our expectations. Somehow through these hardships, we’ve been able to do a lot of editing on our new book as well as some important housekeeping things for Elvensty. These glimmers of hope in the midst of darkness are what keep us going in the dry deserts. This song, “Prayer for Rain”, epitomizes our feelings over the last two weeks.

So now we have revamped our website, have up a picture of us on all of our social media sites (thanks again to Through the Lens 406), and are over halfway done with edits on Auxland!

As a side note, More Than i is what we publish our songs under. Any song not cited in our books is original and copyrighted under the creative commons copyright. We hope to eventually get the sheet music for them up here as well.

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