True Companion


This song was written many years ago when M. was having a pity party (not unlike the one Aya had in Auxland!).  He was the worship leader for the college group and had scheduled a practice only to have no one show up.  So he did what anyone might of have done and skipped the main church service.  As he was struggling through the feeling of loneliness, bells began ringing around the town he lived in.  Sitting at his keyboard, he began to play along with the ringing bells and this song was born.  As he prayed over the situation, he began to realize that though everyone might fail him, God never did.  And beyond this, he failed God all the time.

God is the only one who never fails us, and it’s because of His faithfulness that we are able to trust in Him even when everything falls apart around us.  It is this hope that keeps us going every day.

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