Where It All Began

The story of Jerro that we reference in our books is an actual book that I (B.) wrote before we even started writing Elvensty.  It was to be the first of a series written for a junior high audience.  Though we never released it, the story helped flesh out the concepts that eventually became backstory of The Swordflower Saga.  In Elvensty, Palo gives an abbreviated version of the original “legend”, but his version is not quite accurate as so often happens in oral history.  In Dalmain, we plan to go to the Halls of Knowledge where Palo grew up and where the story of Jerro started.

While the Jerro book is mostly complete, it still needs some polishing before it would be fit for publication.  We may yet release this story, but for now, we have a series to complete!  However, we thought that we would share the first few paragraphs of that book with you.

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