Divine Coincidences

God brings people across our path every day for His purposes and never by accident.  I (B.) was reminded of this fact again when I “just happened” to sit by a lady from Libby, MT at the NCW renewal conference in Seattle, WA.  There were at least 30 other people in the room, but she was the one who happened to be by me.  Now I’m from Kalispell which is really close to Libby, at least by Montana standards.  I had come over to Seattle with a friend from my own town, but I had no idea that there was any one else from my area attending.  It was a pleasant surprise to find someone else from Northwest Montana.  Then at lunchtime, she happened to choose the restaurant my friend and I chose which reaffirmed in my mind that this was no accident but a divine appointment.

Now, I’m not perfect at recognizing or obeying the divine appointments that God brings into my life, but I am getting better.  Probably the biggest one I missed out on was at the college and career group bonfire at the beginning of my first year of college.  I heard a man behind me talking about Rich Mullins, a favorite musician of mine.  I felt a nudge that I should turn around a speak with him, but I didn’t.  God graciously gave me another chance at a Lord of the Rings movie night, but it was not until years later when my now husband and I were comparing notes that we realized it had been him sitting behind me at the bonfire.  We still laugh about that missed opportunity to this day.

This concept is something we love to weave into our stories as well, like Khomar just happening to be there the night Aya was attacked in the chapel or Palo just happening to come to Dhrudmon’s house during the Crossing.  We serve a God who is working out His plan in the world around us, and He is able to weave our stories, missed opportunities included, in a way that brings Him glory.

So next time a person is brought across our path and we feel the gentle nudge of God to speak with them, let’s resolve to follow that leading and leave the results in God’s capable hands.

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