New Adventures, Big Changes

A couple of years ago, M. and I both felt God beginning to lead us in a new direction in our life. M. has been a programmer for years, but was feeling called to move into something else. As we started praying over this prompting, God led us to start writing the series of books that we had always talked of writing but had never actually started. Thus, the Swordflower Saga was born.

However, soon after the release of Elvensty in 2018, God made it clear that while authoring books was only a part of His plan to fulfill our hearts’ desire to change direction. We continued to write while M. pressed on in his current job. The desire for change remained, but the solution remained elusive. Finally, I asked M. straight out: if money was no object, what do you think God would have you be? His answer was almost instantaneous: a pastor. So from then on, I began to pray for leading in that direction.

Fast forward to January 2020. Our district superintendent was leading our church’s board meeting (of which M. is a part). During the course of the meeting, he mentioned a church that had been without a pastor for over a decade, and yet they had remained faithful, even saving aside money for a pastor they prayed would someday come. It was very small and located on a remote Native American reservation in Montana, but M.’s heart was stirred. When M. got home that night, he asked what I thought of the idea of pastoring this small church. We prayed over it that night and the next day sent an email off to our district superintendent asking if this would even be possible for someone like M. whose degree was in another field.

So to make a long story short, it was, and M. is on track to become the pastor of this church at the end of April. God has worked in amazing ways throughout the entire process to make this happen, and we are excited to see how He will continue to work in the future. While we still plan to continue writing according to our current schedule (to finish Jyrya by the end of the year, book #5 next year, and continue writing into the future as God leads), we will also be busy pastoring and building up a small church. I hope to blog about this other work for the kingdom of God on our other website:

Our new church and one of our sons.

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