A Novel Delayed

This year has been fraught with changes and difficulties for everyone. As you may recall, M. left his job to become a pastor in a small church in eastern MT. In addition, he is pursuing a master’s degree in pastoral studies (one class a semester) and working as the IT technician in our local school district. While we are greatly enjoying our new life here, we’ve found that our time to write is seriously decreased. So we are sadly going to have to delay the release of our next novel, Jyrya, until sometime in late January/ early February. We are currently in the revision stages but could not bring ourselves to release a half-completed work.

We do, however, have the new character sheet for Jyrya up on our website. Find it here. We hope to get the sound clips up around the Christmas holiday, and then the beginning of January, do a cover reveal. We will keep you posted both here and on our social media accounts. For now, have a blessed Thanksgiving weekend.

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